The first time you do a thing is always exciting

Let's write the second post. So the first time you do a thing is always exciting. I wrote a song lyrics, of course it's not good, I had a log of problems with lyrics... And I was using how to write a song

So I have to repeat that it's not good :D ... (And my english is not good too)

"Did you feel anything?"

 Verse 1:

I remember our first date

I know it was not date for you

But that night I kissed you first time 

And I'm glad you didn't ask me why

If you ask me

I did't know what to say

But I want to ask you 

Did you feel anything?


I like your foolish stupid stuff

You are an idiot just like me

But you already someone's babe

That's why I hide it from you


Look at my smile

It's light up just for you

Listen to my heart

You will hear it beats for you

Listen to the music I play

It words I can't say to you

If we meet earlier

Did you fall in love with me?

Verse 2: 

That rainy day 

You gave me your shirt

I didn't want to return it to you

Cos it has your smell, everywhere

Its like I could touch you

Is it the only way? why?

I wanna be with you

I wanna touch you my own

Now you feel anything?

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gg (зочин)


gg (зочин)

did you write music for this lyrics? Any guitar chords or piano?/tab/

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